Cats and Dogs together

I’m Ingrida and I love cats and dogs! In fact, I love them so much I’d like to look after your feline or pooch when you are on holiday. What’s more, as an experienced domestic and commercial cleaner, it’s not just your beloved pet who gets my TLC: I can give some to your home whilst you are away, too! What’s not to like?

I live in Crouch End, north London, so am particularly well located to provide my cat and (small!) dog-sitting services in nearby postcodes and the City. But if transport links are good, I will also consider other parts of London.

If you live far away from me, I am happy to look after your small doggy overnight. In short, all options are considered: give me a call to discuss.


Cat Sitting

I am a cat owner and lover so I know they are independent animals which generally cope well on their own. But if you’re away for work or pleasure, it’s nicer for them to be looked after in their own home rather than in a cattery. And I can provide this service!



As well as visiting your home to feed your cat and change its litter, I can (for an additional fee) also carry out household tasks, having worked previously for many years as a professional cleaner.


Please note: All payments are made in person, upon agreement

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